Based out of Baltimore, YourTwistPR is an extension of The Urban Twist, one of the premier online magazines in Maryland, and is their online press release distribution service which helps companies and brands publish their news to an extensive and evergrowing news network.

We believe press release distribution should be affordable, and provide online exposure for your company as part of a larger PR and marketing plan.

We knew that the key to improving conversions for our clients is trust โ€” visitors who trust you become customers.

For smaller companies, being associated with bigger ones can boost their reputations tenfold and can be the key to standing out from the competition.

But the problem was, how do we help businesses of any size associate with bigger companies? Being featured on major news outlets is no easy task โ€” there is no public way to submit articles to those sites. No submission page, no email you can ask, the only way to get published is through private connections.

We have built those connections.

After years of networking events, calls, and emails, eventually, we built the network we have now โ€” access to over 500 affiliates of major news stations including NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today.

By writing and publishing articles about our clients through these channels, we are finally able to share this network (and the social proof that comes with it) with you.

A quick, easy, surefire way to boost conversions is finally here and we look forward to helping you succeed!

Who uses YourTwistPR?

  • Small & Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Public Relations & Marketing Firms
  • Search Engine Optimization Companies
  • StartUps
  • Tech Companies
  • Event Marketers
  • Travel Companies
  • Authors and Book Publicists
  • Fashion Designers
  • Entertainment Industry Professionals
  • Public Figures & Speakers
  • Non-profit leaders
  • And More!